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What Teams Will Emerge In The NBA This Year
It was an interesting summer in the NBA, full with big name moves, but there are also teams that filled up their roster with lots of talent. Here we will not talk about LeBron James and his return to Cleveland where he teamed up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, instead we will focus on teams that can make significant changes from their last season performance. Check out some tips for the upcoming NBA season at

The Philadelphia 76ers had a young squad last year and a rookie center that missed out on the season. They still played great and their rookie superstar potential point guard Michael Carter-Williams showed how good he is and that he can grow into one of the best point guards in the game. This year Philadelphia traded a little bit and received Alexey Shved on the SG position in exchange for Thadeus Young. Although Philadelphia is still not ready for a playoff push, they will surely be better than last year, which is not so hard to accomplish. They have a squad that features two 7 footers in the likes of Embiid and Noel. This is probably the beginning of a new “twin towers” era like the one that we saw 20 years ago in Houston when Olajuwon teamed up with Ralph Simpson.

The Phoenix Suns are still battling over Eric Bledsoe as he wants a maximum contract, but it is sure that this team will only grow after they acquired high scoring point guard Isaiah Thomas from Sacramento. They are a squad filled with talent and experience led by a coach that knows his stuff. They also added Bogdan Bogdanovic from Partizan during the draft who is an athletic SG with a terrific sense for the game and can play the SF position, which will be pretty important for this Phoenix roster.